The Simone

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The Simone Harness is a masterful feat of craftsmanship. The coquettish curves of the leather are firmly buckled into place to frame the silhouette, dominated by the stainless steel chain with its links as supple contours. A tour de force. (Also available in XS with a finer chain.)


• Patented chain link design in signature pear shape
• Adjustable chest strap and chain
• Saddle is beautifully shaped and stitched
• Stitching on leather matches tone


• 100% stainless steel hardware
• REACH-certified, ultra-luxurious grain leather


Wash the chain in slightly soapy water using a soft brush, then rinse and dry with a soft cloth. (If exposed to saltwater, rinse after each time with fresh water then dry.)

Leather ages gracefully to tell a thousand stories, and the very best way to care for it is by using a natural cleaner and conditioner.




Size Guide

To ensure a perfect fit, please use a measuring tape to find your pet’s corresponding size in the tables below. All accessories should fit securely, but not tight. We recommend that you add an additional 1.5cm (1/2 an inch) to both neck and chest measurements for your pet’s comfort.

For Collars - neck size
Measure the circumference of your dog’s neck where the collar would sit and add an additional 1.5cm for comfort.

For Harnesses - chest size
Measure the circumference of your dog’s chest from its highest point and around the back, just behind the front legs. Please add an additional 1.5cm for comfort.





25.6 cm - 36.8 cm

10 in - 14.5 in


52.1 cm - 61 cm

20.5 in - 24 in


69.2 cm - 94.1 cm

27.2 in - 37 in



N.B. While most cashmere garments can last an eternity if cared-for correctly, it is important to note that over time the fabric can naturally loosen and stretch by roughly 10 cm.