The Clyde

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Small pets have very grand thoughts and so only the finest things in life will do. The Clyde Collar is therefore high on your dog or cat’s wish list. Very high, indeed. This bijou leather collar is simply oh-so-comfortable to wear and oh-so-easy to fasten on and take off, courtesy of our signature side-release buckle. A little treasure.



• Side-release buckle with Pagerie logo

• Easily adjustable

• Two D-rings

• Contrasting stitching on leather


• REACH-certified, ultra-luxurious grain leather

• Stainless steel hardware



Leather ages gracefully to tell a thousand stories, and the very best way to care for it is by using a natural cleaner and conditioner.



Cats or dogs.

The Clyde Collar is available in extra small for even the smallest and daintiest of pets. Its two D-rings are perfect for clipping on The Rava Leash and attaching an engraved Tag d’identité | Name tag.


Easy sizing.

The very first time you put the collar on, simply feed the leather strap through the buckle, adjust to fit then secure using the round head pin and leather loop. The Clyde Collar is then easily attached each time by inserting the buckle end or removed by gently squeezing the buckle sides.


Enduring elegance.

We use an unreservedly high grade French leather, with every stitch precisely judged to add reinforcement. It is REACH-certified because the tanning process is so much kinder to our planet.


Refined yet functional.

Custom-designed and custom-made, our hardware is worthy of the most exclusive designer handbag. Stainless steel is also an environmental-friendly material with superior durability and polishability.


Size Guide

To ensure a perfect fit, please use a measuring tape to find your pet’s corresponding size in the tables below. All accessories should fit securely, but not tight. We recommend that you add an additional 1.5cm (1/2 an inch) to both neck and chest measurements for your pet’s comfort.

For Collars - neck size
Measure the circumference of your dog’s neck where the collar would sit and add an additional 1.5cm for comfort.

For Harnesses - chest size
Measure the circumference of your dog’s chest from its highest point and around the back, just behind the front legs. Please add an additional 1.5cm for comfort.




18 cm - 22 cm

7 in - 8.6 in


23 cm - 29 cm

9 in - 11.4 in


31 cm - 35 cm

12.2 in - 13.7 in


 N.B. While most cashmere garments can last an eternity if cared-for correctly, it is important to note that over time the fabric can naturally loosen and stretch by roughly 10 cm.