Lavettes Wash Gloves

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LILA LOVES IT LAVETTES – wet disposable wash gloves for cleaning and care – without water, soap and towels. Ideal for using at home or en route. Dermatologically tested and enriched with nourishing Aloe Vera. LILA LOVES IT LAVETTES are packed hygienically and resealable. They fit every jacket’s pocket and help in any case where quick cleaning is needed. Typical LILA LOVES IT: Besides cleanliness, care is never missed out.

Just put on the glove and wipe all areas which need cleaning and care. LAVETTES are suitable for dogs and cats skin and fur – in short: Where cleaning is demanded, LAVETTES can be used uncomplicatedly – At home  and especially en route.

This is why LAVETTES are the perfect companion on any occasion, especially in the cold season, when dirt and and salt need to be removed from the paws or wild playing units lead to short-term demand for cleaning. If needed, LAVETTES also can be used to clean the hands of the pets owners. This is why LAVETTES are an indispensable all-purpose answer for every dog and cat owner.