Eye Care

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The EYE-CARE from LILA LOVES IT – for healthy, shining dog eyes

Who does not like to look into the faithful saucer eyes of his dog. In order to keep those big eyes healthy, you sometimes need nurturing support. In order to gently remove dirt, adhesions and tear stones from the eye environment and thus prevent eye inflammation, we have developed LILA LOVES IT EYE-CARE. The EYE-CARE ensures a good skin environment and is particularly gentle on the sensitive eye area. Skin and eyelid edges are soothed and supported in regeneration. The LILA LOVES IT EYE-CARE is recommended by veterinarians.

Aloe vera, sea salt and euphrasia cleanse gently – without burning the eyes.

Our EYE-CARE uses the best natural ingredients. Aloe vera has a moisturizing effect and has long been proven in the care of irritated skin. Sea salt is successfully used in dermatology due to its mineral composition. Euphrasia, a traditional medicinal plant, has a calming effect on eye and lid edge problems and soothes the skin in case of burning eyelid corners. Together with the power of witch hazel, they help to soothe the eye area and support regeneration.

filling quantity: 30 ml
Use within 6 months after opening.