Double-Sided Brush - Vegan

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Double-sided brushes are very popular because they combine the qualities of two brushes into one. With the LILA LOVES IT DOUBLE-SIDED DOG BRUSH VEGAN, the vegan aspect has been added to the mix.

Unlike the classic model of the double-sided brush by LILA LOVES IT, the harder bristles are sourced from the agave plant. This is more than just an alternative for people for whom vegan products are particularly important. The agave bristles are of the highest quality and are perfectly suited to what you would expect from a top product.

Like all brushes from LILA LOVES IT, the DOUBLE-SIDED DOG BRUSH VEGAN is handmade in the Black Forest. Dog coats of different lengths and types – such as upper and undercoats – are ideally groomed due the combination of soft and harder bristles. The gentle massaging effect of the brushing is a real treat for every dog thanks its double-sided design.