Dog Collar Mauerpark

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Completely vegan dog collar from cactus leather in black combined with black and white cotton rope in zigzag pattern with matte black steel detailing.

  • Vegan dog collar in bright colors
  • BPA free and plant derived leather from cactus fibres
  • Made with sustainable cactus leather
  • Steel detailings with matte finishing
  • Dog collar for small and large dogs up to XL
  • Hand washable

Sustainable alternative to leather dog collars, the Mauerpark collection is a combination of plant derived cactus leather and cotton blend rope in bright colors. Complimented with steel detailings in a matte finish, this vegan rope collar is sleek in design yet lightweight and functional for everyday use. Thanks to the Italian cotton rope and the leather from cactus fibres, the dog collar and leash from the Mauerpark collection is completely washable by hand, also great for the swimming seasons. The eco friendly cactus leather is BPA free as well as REACH certified. This rope dog collar is available in various sizes for small dogs such as Miniature Pinschers and Italian Greyhounds and large dogs such as Weimaraners and more.


Cactus leather: 52,8% bio polyurethane / 22,1% polyester / 13,2% cactus / 11,9% cotton /vegan / free of PVC and plasticisers
Rope: cotton & polyester / inside polypropylene
Metal parts: Steel detailings with matte finishing

Hand washable with a mild detergent in a bag



All sizes in cm.

* Measure at the point where the collar is worn at the circumference of the neck.
size Neck size* Collar width
XS 26 - 31 1,9
S 30 - 35 1,9
M 34 - 40 1,9
L 38 - 44 1,9
XL 43 - 49 1,9