Nail Scissors

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Cut your dog’s claws safely and precisely with LILA LOVES IT claw scissors. The unique ergonomic scissor blade makes cutting claws considerably easier. LILA LOVES IT claw scissors are produced in close cooperation with genuine scissor specialists. These high quality standards provide the best results, which are especially important when cutting claws.

So, if you’re looking to cut your dog’s claws yourself, LILA LOVES IT claw scissors are the best possible solution.

To ensure that claw trimming is carried out well and safely, we have included instructions from our head veterinarian, Dr. Stefanie Mallmann. If you are still feeling unsure, it is best to ask your local vet to show you how to cut your dog’s claws properly.


The easiest way to trim your four-legged friend’s claws is to have them lie on their side. Make sure that the lighting conditions are optimal when cutting so that you can easily see the blood vessels in the claw. If your dog has dark claws, you can try shining a torch on individual claws.

Take your dog’s paw in your hand and hold the claw you want to cut at the base of the claw. Hold the claw scissors at a 45° degree angle to the claw and cut the claw from the bottom upwards. Please shorten the claw carefully “piece by piece” so as not to cut away too much.