Senso Toy Bone

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The Senso play bone combines stylish and cuddly play fun in one product.

The bone-shaped toy is perfect for throwing, fetching and romping around. Made from the same fabric as the Senso dog bed, the design and colors perfectly match your home.


Care Instructions

The fabric is easy to keep clean - almost all stains can be wiped off. For long life, brush off dirt and dust regularly, before it can penetrate deeper into the fabric, and remove stains immediately. If the toy bone is very dirty, it can also be washed gently at 30° C in the machine. Then leave the toy bone to air dry on a rack.

For simple and uncomplicated cleaning in between, just vacuum the surface of the mattress with an upholstery brush.

Please note that the toy bone is not suitable for playing tug, as biting and pulling could damage the toy.



100% Polyester



100% PES


Size Chart

The Senso toy bone is available in one size.

Length: approx. 27 cm