Paw Care

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The LILA LOVES IT PAW CARE – our top seller!

Our dogs do not ask where to go. They are always at our side and go every way with us! In heat, storm and snow! All the more important it is not to neglect the care of their paws.
The PAW CARE strengthens and protects the sensitive paws of our four-legged friends especially in winter against salt (road salt) and grit. For smaller injuries – such as scratches and cracks – the high-quality ingredients calendula, beeswax, coconut, apricot kernel and rose oil have a soothing and regenerative effect. The resistance of the bales is strengthened and the skin is protected against mechanical influences. In addition, the skin is intensively cared for with the PAW CARE, which can counteract unpleasant hardening.

For calluses, our PAW CARE helps

The use of the PAW CARE is also highly recommended for calluses in the lying position. The skin can form a thick, keratinized protective layer through permanent pressure. This usually occurs in places where the dog’s skin lies directly over protruding bone points, e.g. on the elbow, ankle or sternum. If cracks develop in the thicker, crusty surface, bacteria can penetrate and weeping or purulent inflammation can occur.
Applying the PAW CARE keeps the skin soft and supple, making it ideal for prevention as well as for existing calluses.

Filling quantity: 60 ml
Use within 12 months after opening!