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Give yourself and your dog the gift of style and comfort with the Felice Hexagon Dog Bed. The specially designed hexagonal shape makes this designer dog bed a stand-out choice and gives your furry friend a sense of safety from all sides.

A luxury dog bed is an investment so you want it to last. Both the cover and inner cushion, including all individual parts made of foam, are removable and washable, for a clean and comfortable retreat for your four-legged friend.

The Felice Dog Bed is made using a high-resilience foam filling, which means the cushion and bolsters maintain their shape, even with plenty of use, and provides optimal support your dog’s head and spine.

In modern colours of Anthracite and Sand, the Felice dog bed fits seamlessly into any interior design and combines the highest quality with an elegant look.

Design: MiaCara Design Team


Care Instructions

Inner Cushion Sides

60 °C gentle wash cycle
The cushion filling is made of extremely soft, open cell foam. To ensure longevity, the cushion should be maintained and cleaned accordingly.
Launder the inner cushion with a mild detergent up to 60°C. We do not recommend that you use chlorinated and chemically aggressive washing products. A brownish discoloration of the foam cannot be avoided, but has no effect on the quality of the foam.
After washing and rinsing, please remove as much water as possible with the spin cycle. The inner cushion is best air-dried on a rack. It can also be tumble dried at 60°C, but please avoid over-drying.
Please plump up the inner cushion regularly so that it retains its fluffiness and shape.


30°C gentle wash cycle

Wet wash with a mild detergent at temperatures up to 30°C. Do not use highly chlorinated or chemically aggressive washing additives as this can damage the memory foam when drying.

After washing and rinsing please remove as much water as possible through the spin cycle. The mattress can be best dried by air on a rack. It can also be tumble dried at 60°C.


The fabric is washable at 60°C or can be dry cleaned. After washing, simply let the cover air dry on a rack. Do not put the cover in the dryer. If needed, iron the fabric at low temperature.

Please note that by intensive use the surface of the fabric may be roughened and lint nodules can form (so called pilling). This cannot entirely be prevented and is therefore no reason for complaint.

For simple and uncomplicated cleaning in between, carefully vacuum the fabric with an upholstery brush.


Inner Cushion

Cotton blend fabric:

60% Cotton/40% Polyester


Foam Filling

100% Polyurethan

Foam Properties:

- stable and durable

- climatising
- hypoallergenic
- permanently elastic


100% Polyester Trevira CS

Size Chart

The Felice box bed is available in four sizes. The dimensions are based on the outermost/innermost point of the bed.

Small:Outer Diameter approx. 60 cm, Inner Diameter approx. 55 cm, Height approx. 20 cm 

Jack Russel, Maltese, Pekingese, Yorkshire Terrier, Toy Dachshund, etc.

Small/Medium: Outer Diameter approx. 70 cm, Inner Diameter approx. 65 cm, Height approx. 25 cm

Bulldog, Dachshund, Pug, Poodle, West Highland Terrier, Pinscher, etc.

Medium: Outer Diameter approx. 80 cm, Inner Diameter approx. 75 cm, Height approx. 27.5 cm

Beagle, Collie, Cocker-Spaniel, Schnauzer(Mittel), Wheaten Terrier, Australian Shepherd, Pinscher, etc.

Large: Outer Diameter approx. 100 cm, Inner Diameter approx. 95 cm, Height approx. 30 cm 

Bernese Mountain Dog, Boxer, Golden Retriever, Husky, Labrador, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Irish Setter, Weimaraner, Magyar Vizsla, etc.