Dog Bag Como

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Dog carrier for small dogs in heather brown with elegant leather handles.

  • Comfortable inlay
  • Waterproof outer material
  • Safety leash with carabiner
  • Practical side pockets
  • For dogs up to 5 kg and 10 kg
  • Washable


A dog carrier for small dogs or a puppy carrier: the designer dog bag Como is the ideal transportable dog bed for both short and long trips and thanks to the detachable inner lining, the dog travel bag can be easily transformed into its summer variation in seconds. The waterproof, dirt resistant outer material is OEKO-TEXT and REACH certified and derives from a Zero Waste production. As a method of transportation for small dogs, puppies or senior dogs as well as a comfortable resting area in trains, restaurants or hotels — with a dog purse your dog can enjoy a quick nap whilst on the go. Dog carrier big and small, also great for socialising and familiarising young dogs to otherwise stressful situations slowly.


Outer material: organic cotton, water-repellent, PU-coated
Inserts: sheep wool - polyester mix, untreated, undyed (removable)
Details: carrying handles made of genuine leather (washable), carabiner solid brass

Bag and inner lining delicates 30 degrees or cleaning


All sizes in cm.

Size S Outside dimension 40 x 26 x 30
Weight dog* up to approx. 5 kg
Size L Outside dimension 46 x 27 x 33
Weight dog* up to approx. 10 kg
* Weight specifications are rough guide values - they may vary depending on the proportions of the dog.