Memo - Vegan Leather No-dangle Poop Bag Holder

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MEMO is designed to avoid the dangling with two wings to hug any leash or strap with one easy zip up. A removable S-biner in matching color is added for those who prefer to have it clipped up. Inspired by the sharp geometric form of the classic tunnel mailbox, MEMO stores poop bags instead of mails. 

The outlet dispensing the poop bags are shaped like saw teeth to hold the bags in place effectively even at the end of the roll.

Commonly used for outerwear, resin zippers are less likely to catch fabric (or in this case poop bags) in the teeth and get jammed. 

The holder is made with vegan leather and has a double-layer structure to keep up its shape.

• 3" or 7.5cm long (without the S-biner)
• no-dangle opening is 1" or 2.5cm wide, fits flat leashes or belt straps of a sling