MARE DENT+ is an innovative food supplement to support dental health. The flakes made from organic Irish kelp and organic German parsley reduce the formation of plaque and make it easier to loosen existing tartar. MARE DENT+ thus reduces the risk of gingivitis and periodontitis. Refreshed breath included.
Knotweed belongs to the species of brown algae and contains an extraordinary composition of minerals and trace elements. These are the secret of its effect. The minerals are released through the saliva and inhibit the growth of the bacterial film that causes plaque and tartar. The mineralised saliva also has the power to soften tartar.

MARE DENT+ can be fed prophylactically to supplement the regular tooth brushing routine. It is particularly beneficial for dogs who are prone to dental problems, resist tooth brushing, or already have more severe tartar.

Supplementary feed for dogs

Analytical ingredients: Moisture 13.9 %, crude ash 23.1 %, crude protein 6.1 %, crude fibre 4.7 %, crude fat 3.1 %, iodine content 60mg / 100g.



Organic Ascophyllum nodosum

96 % knotted kelp from the Irish Atlantic.

Organic Parsley

4 % organic parsley.


Feeding Recommendation

Mix the recommended daily amount into the food once a day. For dogs with thyroid problems, seek veterinary advice before giving. Not suitable for puppies.
The daily amount depends on the weight of the dog:
Feed 0.2 g MARE DENT+ per 5 kg body weight.
¼ measuring spoon = 0.2 g

Due to the concentrated iodine content, the recommended daily amount should not be exceeded.