Calm Down Pillow Spray

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BASKET SPRAY – now with a new formula – ensures a pleasant aroma and a relaxed dog.

BASKET SPRAY calms your dog with a soothing scent and ensures a healthy sense of well-being. The spray’s essential oils are 100% natural and provide your dog with relaxing relief, which they need, e.g. in stressful situations in the car, at the vet’s or when they are under a lot of stress. Your dog can enjoy peace and relaxation. Simply apply to your basket, blanket or furniture and the BASKET SPRAY will provide a relaxed feel-good atmosphere.

Thanks to our new formula, however, our BASKET SPRAY not only helps calm you down, it also has a very practical side effect. We have added a new special feature to the BASKET SPRAY: ORDENONE.

ORDENONE “captures” foul-smelling molecules which neutralises bad odours. As a result, not only can the dog enjoy the pleasant lavender scent, but us owners can also benefit from clean-smelling dog beds, transport boxes and the other places where our four-legged friends like to spend time.

  • Provides relaxation
  • Helps in stressful situations
  • Ensures greater well-being
  • Neutralises bad odours thanks to ORDENONE
  • With tried and tested lavender
  • Not suitable for cats

Lavender from Provence – relaxation with aromatherapy.

The pleasant scent of the PILLOW SPRAY is a real treat for dogs and their owners alike. Lavender oil from Provence soothes through the power of its essential oils. In aromatherapy, the fragrance is used for nervous restlessness and exhaustion, sleep disorders and depressive moods. Recent studies show that lavender oil has anti-anxiety, anti-depressant and calming properties. Stress levels and pain perception are positively influenced and sleep quality is improved. Lavender oil acts on nerve neurotransmitters, which create the body’s own sedative and can therefore provide a natural harmonising effect.

This makes the PILLOW SPRAY a real “relaxation must-have”.

Shelf life: Use within 12 months after opening.